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What Is An Offset Mortgage

The offset mortgage is a type of mortgage in which the borrower can use their savings account to offset the mortgage interest. The mortgage interests are substantial amount especially at the start of the mortgage.

Using the interest on savings account, the borrower uses pay off the mortgage interest. In other words, the interest on savings account cancels out the mortgage interest that the borrower pays on a conventional mortgage.

The offset mortgage originally started from Australia. Later, the offset mortgage rises in popularity in the United Kingdom. Before, the mortgage lenders only target the wealthy. Now, the mortgage lenders are widening the market for this type of mortgage.

Since the borrower receives no the interest on savings account, the borrower do not pay the tax on interest on savings account. Naturally, the interest on savings account will be use to pay off the mortgage interest. In United Kingdom, many borrowers are on a high tax bracket. The borrower often sees the forty percent of the interest goes to tax.

In many times, the borrower pays a loan to value ratio of ninety five percent. That means the borrower pays five percent as down payment. Due to competition, many mortgage lenders may offer as low as loan to value ratio of eighty percent.

The interest on savings account is big enough that many mortgage lenders may offer to repay any amount without mortgage penalty. In a conventional mortgage, the borrower pays mortgage penalties on any repayment over the maximum limit to repay the mortgage early.

Usually, the mortgage lenders link the mortgage and savings account into a single account. Therefore, the borrower sees only one balance. This is more commonly known as Common Account Mortgage (CAM). For example, the borrower takes $300,000 mortgage. The borrower uses the savings account that is worth $100,000 to offset the mortgage interest. In return, the borrower only pays interest on $200,000.

The variation of offset mortgage is increasing in numbers due to compete with other mortgage lenders. For example, the mortgage lenders may allow any debts into the account. In short, the borrower can include the personal debt like credit card, and car loan.


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